Boom Beach Indirect Damage Calculator

When a building on a base is destroyed, the main building (the Headquarters, Power Core, Mega Core, or Outpost) takes indirect damage. The amount of damage depends on the total number of buildings on the base and the original health of the main building. This calculator makes is easy to find how destroying buildings will affect the main building’s health.

Base Configuration

Main Building

Building Health Statues

Total Bonus


Statistic Damage
Original {{}} Health {{mainBuilding.hp[mainBuildingLvl] * (1 + (bhBonus() / 100)) | number: 0}}
Damage per Building Destroyed* {{dmgPerBuilding() | number: 0}}
Damage Taken from {{destroyedBuildingNum | number: 0}} Buildings* {{dmgPerBuilding() * destroyedBuildingNum | number: 0}}
Health Remaining on each {{}} {{(mainBuilding.hp[mainBuildingLvl] * (1 + (bhBonus() / 100))) - ((dmgPerBuilding() * destroyedBuildingNum) / mainBuildingNum) | number: 0}}
Total Indirect Damage Possible* {{dmgPossible() | number: 0}}

* This damage will be distributed equally between the {{mainBuildingNum}} {{}}s.

More Information

When all of the buildings on a base except for the main building (the Headquarters, Power Core, Mega Core, or Outpost) are destroyed, the main building will have 30% health remaining. That 70% damage is distributed evenly across all of the buildings on the base, so if a base has many buildings, each building will do less damage.

For example, if a base has 10 buildings plus the main building, each building destroyed takes away 7% of the main building's original total health. The only exception is when there are 3 or fewer buildings on the base besides the main building. In this situation, the damage that each building deals to the main building is capped at 20%. For example, if a base has 3 buildings plus the main building and those 3 buildings are destroyed, the main building will have 40% of its health left.

Indirect damage is able to destroy the main building given that the main building has already been sufficiently damaged by direct damage.

Original Number of Base Buildings

This input represents the number of attackable buildings on the base other than the Headquarters, Power Core, Mega Core, or Outpost.

When using this tool for an operation base, this number can be found by simply subtracting 1 or 2 from the total number of force points possible for the base (each Power Core awards a force point).

For Colonel Gearheart’s war factory event, this number will be 149 since all of her bases have 149 buildings plus the Headquarters.

For other bases, it may be necessary to count the buildings. However, it may be possible to assume a player base has all of the buildings unlockable at their Headquarters level built. This table lists the maximum number of buildings for each Headquarters level. Please note that it does not include prototype defenses. Remember to add those to the number from the table.

Player HQ Level Max Buildings Player HQ Level Max Buildings
1 5 2 9
3 11 4 13
5 15 6 18
7 22 8 25
9 27 10 31
11 34 12 38
13 42 14 45
15 48 16 52
17 56 18 58
19 60 20 62
21 63 22 64

Buildings Destroyed

This input represents the number of base buildings that you plan to destroy, or for an operation base or the war factory event, the number of base buildings that have already been destroyed.

Note that using Sabotage on an operation base will not damage the Power Core(s). This will not affect the damage dealt to the Power Core(s) by destroying other buildings, but not as much damage can be dealt to the Power Core(s) without attacking the Core(s) directly because the damage that the sabotaged building would have caused is lost.

Usage Notes

  • Shield Generators are not included on this calculator because destroying buildings (other than the generators) does not damage the shield or the generators, and shields do not block indirect damage. Shields are separate from indirect damage.
  • The tenth guardian input will only be shown while the masterpiece input is set to zero since the maximum number of statues obtainable in Boom Beach is ten.
  • The Power Powder icon next to each statue’s input can be toggled to signify that the corresponding statue is boosted with Power Powder, and so, that statue’s bonus will be doubled in the total statue bonus.
  • All information entered into statue-related inputs is saved to the browser for convenience. The information will be ready on return visits to this calculator.