Clash Royale Card Chance Calculator

This calculator uses information about a specified Clash Royale chest to determine how many cards of each rarity are guaranteed and what the odds are of getting an additional card of each rarity. Use it to find the odds of getting a Legendary card from a chest!

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Chest Contents

Card Rarity Guaranteed Cards Chance for Extra Card Chance for Wild Card(s)
Common {{commonCards()}} (+{{guaranteedWildCards("common") | number: 0}} Wild) N/A {{wildCardChance("common")| number: 1 | ifEmpty: "0.0"}}%
Rare {{guaranteedCards("rare")}} (+{{guaranteedWildCards("rare") | number: 0}} Wild) {{extraCardChance("rare")| number: 3 | ifEmpty: "0.000"}}% {{wildCardChance("rare")| number: 1 | ifEmpty: "0.0"}}%
Epic {{guaranteedCards("epic")}} (+{{guaranteedWildCards("epic") | number: 0}} Wild) {{extraCardChance("epic")| number: 3 | ifEmpty: "0.000"}}% {{wildCardChance("epic")| number: 1 | ifEmpty: "0.0"}}%
Legendary {{guaranteedCards("legendary")}} (+{{guaranteedWildCards("legendary") | number: 0}} Wild) {{extraCardChance("legendary")| number: 3 | ifEmpty: "0.000"}}% {{wildCardChance("legendary")| number: 1 | ifEmpty: "0.0"}}%
{{cardsInChest() | number: 0}}
Total Cards
Gold coin
{{goldInChest()[0] | number: 0}} - {{goldInChest()[1] | number: 0}}

More Information

Chests in Clash Royale contain a guaranteed number of each rarity of card (this number can be zero) as well as a percentage chance to contain an additional Rare, Epic, and/or Legendary card. If the chest does not contain one of these additional cards, a Common card is given instead. A chest cannot contain more than one additional Rare, Epic, or Legendary card each.

These numbers depend on several factors including the total number of cards in the chest, the arena that it was won from, and the type of the chest itself. Generally, rarer types of chests have better chances of containing cards of higher rarities. Chests from higher arenas have better odds of containing cards of higher rarities since more of those rarer cards become available as the player unlocks higher arenas.

Usage Notes

  • Epic and Legendary Chests are not included as options in this tool because they do not follow Clash Royale’s normal card chance rules. Epic Chests cannot contain Common, Rare, or Legendary cards, and Legendary Chests will always contain a single Legendary card.
  • Since there are no Legendary cards available before the player reaches the Electro Valley arena, chests from arenas below that will have a 0% chance of containing a Legendary card.